Engine repair

Small engine repair
The servicing and maintenance of generators, motorbikes, and lawn mowers or any other small machines you use daily in your home involve small engine repair. If you are an average DIY enthusiast, with the help of the neighborhood mechanic, you can easily service the engine of a Kohler lawn mower. Maintaining push mowers is not as complicated as you might think because it can be done with simple tools and grease.

Reasons for Repair

There are various reasons why lawn mower repair is essential. The primary reason is to make it last longer. Just like a car that needs simple services like oil change; a mower like Kawasaki will serve you for a longer time. You will reduce the overall ownership cost if you do not neglect to take care of its Briggs & Stratton engine.

Peak Performance

To ensure that your equipment or machine produces peak performance when you are using it, it needs to be completely serviced by carrying out small engine repair every now and then. A few things you can do include ensuring that the blades are well balanced and sharp, and that the engine is running at top shape. The outcome of carrying out maintenance tasks is reliability and readiness whenever you need to use the mower, and a guarantee that you will always get a clean cut every time you are mowing.

Tasks Common in Lawn Repair

The primary service tasks for lawn mower repair are simple processes that can easily be accomplished at the end of every cutting period. The best times to carry out a Kohler engine repair, for instance, would be immediately before the spring season or by the end of the grassy season just before winter storage. The items to check in a Briggs & stratton engine which many mowers run on include:

• Air filters
• Spark plug
• Oil
• Air filter
• Blade sharpening or replacement
• Under the deck cleaning

Air Filter

A typical Kawasaki air filter should be replaced annually. The air filter housing in many lawn mowers are quickly accessible by loosening a few screws and unlocking a few tabs. Any mower running on a clogged air filter will lose power because the combustion of fuel will not be complete. Always refer to the user guide or manual for instructions about what to do.

Spark Plug & Oil

The engine oils should be changed at least once every year. You need to tip it up on its side and drain out the unwanted oil via the filling port. Many mowers do not have draining plugs. The spark plug ignites the gasoline to generate power to the blades. When they become rusty, fouled or dirty the mower might not start easily and the engine might not run smoothly. Check the model number of the plug before replacing it.


For you to get a clean cut, you must ensure that the blades of the mower are balanced and sharp. This will not only make your work simple, but it will also prolong the life of the engine. You can sharpen them at home by using a file or blade sharpener.

Always carry out small engine repair to get the best services out of your ower.

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