Reliable lawnmowers

Reliable lawnmowers

Reliable lawn mowers to name a few for up to 2 acre lots.

Reliable lawn mowers are essential must-haves for a homeowner, and the larger the yard, you’ll make your life infinitely easier by purchasing a quality riding lawn mower. But before going out an purchasing one, you want to some good research on what kind of quality mower to buy.

You want to be sure your ride-along buddy is powerful, has an easy to work transmission, and the proper size deck to do the job. At the same time, you want to make sure your shiny new mower is easy to use, trouble free, and low maintenance.

Before reviewing 5 possible choices you may consider, first a few words about riding lawn mowers.

It’s mostly about the size of the deck

The larger your lawn, typically the larger the size of your deck needs. For this article, we’re assuming your lawn is two acres in size and has a moderate slope of fewer than 10 degrees. For a lawn this size, your best bet is a 42 to a 48-inch deck.
You typically can mow one acre with a 42-inch deck within an hour’s time.

Don’t just jump for the largest deck possible, however. While a larger deck is desirable, under the easy to use category, if you have a lot of flower beds and trees to navigate around, with a really large deck you’ll spend a lot more time backing up than going forward. And under low maintenance, don’t forget storage for your mower. If you need to replace your storage shed with a new one because your new riding mower won’t fit into the shed, that’s hardly cost effective.

The terrain

As mentioned earlier, for this article, we’re considering a lawn with a 10-degree slope or less. But if you have a much heavier slope or a lot of dips and crannies, look for a zero-turn radius lawnmower.

Reliable lawn mowers

For both reliability and a trouble free experience, stick to manufacture’s that have a solid reputation behind them. A made in China or Vietnam mower is not your best choice over the long haul.

Top 5 recommended riding mowers

1. Husqvarna 960430211 YTA18542 42 Inch 18.5 hp Tractor Mower

Husqvarna has a reputation for quality and this mower with a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine and an automatic transmission is a breeze to operate. This mower is easy to maintain as well. Just hose the undercarriage down after a hard day of mowing.

2. Poulan Pro 960420186 54 Inch 24 hp Automatic Gas Riding Mower

If your lawn has not too many hills or hard to turn around obstacles, this workhorse is one to consider. This mower not only has a number of cutting positions but is built like a tank, and like most riding mowers in this class, it has a maintenance reminder meter. And the 24 horsepower motor will give you plenty of powers.

3. Raven MPV7100 46 Inch Multi-Purpose Hybrid Ride-on Lawnmower

The Raven is multi-purpose because you can also use it as a generator for your home. But what we like it for is the 10 cutting positions and a turning radius of 14 inches, which matches zero-turn mowers.

4. Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series Lt 42 Inch. 18 Hp Ride-on Lawn Mower

Another manufacturer that has a superior reputation in the lawn and garden industry, the Cub Cadet has 12 mower positions and a paint system that enables you to mow in all kinds of weather. Clean-up is also extremely simple, and this is one mower to seriously consider.

5. John-Deere-E160-48-in-24-HP-V-Twin-ELS-Gas-Hydrostatic-Lawn-Tractor

A 48-inch deck lawnmower, this gas powered, hydrostatic transmission mower has the reputation of one of the nation’s premier farm implement manufacturer’s behind it.
One unique feature of the John Deere E160 is it has two foot petals, making it very easy to drive.

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