Services is owned and operated by Mel a 40 year veteran experienced providing high-quality gas powered equipment and small engine repairs. The firm relies on advanced lawn care equipment to be able to help your lawn attain the beauty and natural aesthetic you require. The firm’s About US page provides all you need to know about the firm:

What you need to know about

Lawn Equipment we Repair and Maintain
The one thing that you need to know about is that the firm is committed to giving their customers the best, easy to use, and affordable lawn mowing equipment. There are many brands of lawn mowers available in the market and the firm will provide the best care, maintenance, and repair services to its customers. Some of the lawn mowers our experts can help repair and maintain include:

• The Push Type Lawn Mower
Also referred to as a Reel mower, the push mower requires you to walk behind it and guide the mowing activity. It is gasoline fueled and is commonly ordered by customers for its low price and efficiency.

• The Self Propelled Lawn Mower
This lawn mowing equipment is belt driven with small front wheel drive transmission and requires the user to walk behind it just like most mowers. The equipment also comes in cordless units that are considered a bit costly although they are highly efficient and effective in their operation. The model comes in a wide variety of options and is easy to use.

• Ride on Lawn Mower
The design of this mower is similar to that of a small tractor and it requires the user to sit on it and ride around the lawn doing the mowing. It is the most expensive of all the lawn mowers available in the market but still in demand for its work efficiency, reliability, and minimal effort needed. Protective gear should be worn when using this lawn mower for enhanced safety.

• Zero Turn Lawn Mower
This is also called the z-turn mower because their turning radii are zero and the user has to ride on them while mowing grass. The z-turn is achieved by using the hydraulic speed control in most cases but other options are exploited. They are the most powerful of the four lawn mowers hence highly utilized in large-scale organizations. You need to be an expert to operate it.

Edge trimmers and lawn sprinklers are also lawn care equipment that we can help you repair and maintain.

About Small Engine Repair

All the equipment highlighted above use small engines that may require constant repair. Subsequently, users will need firsthand knowledge on how to deal with some of the common engine malfunctions. Some of the services that we offer for your small engine equipment include:
• Oil Change- You need to conduct oil change routines regularly where you drain the unwanted oil from the engine to avoid malfunctions. Since most of the small engine machines do not have a draining plug, we advise that you tilt them to drain the oil before replacing it.

• Filter Change- It is important that your small engine machines get their air filters changed every year to ensure proper functionality. This is because when clogging occurs to your lawn mower, the combustion of fuel will be low or none at all resulting into performance issues. Before using a lawn mower or any other lawn mowing equipment with an engine, we advise that you refer to the instruction guide provided to you.

• Spark plug check- The spark plug requires an inspection every time you do an oil change routine on your engine because they work together. Before changing any spark plug, ensure that you have the correct model and design of your small engine machine.

• Replacing or sharpening of the mowing blades- The state of the blades with respect to their balance and sharpness is very important for your small engine machine. For ease of work and durability of the engine, keep the blades sharpened. This will also enhance the beauty of your lawn because the cut will be perfect.
• Engine tuning up
• Cleaning under the deck

You will be in luck if you have a DIY enthusiast close by, a local mechanic, or a lawn equipment repair company like us because the small engine repair will be easier and fast. When you acquire your lawn mower, you need to maintain and service it for maximum performance. To do this, you will need simple tools in your garage and grease. Small engine repair is done to enhance the durability of the machine and maintain its peak performance. If the problems your small engine machine is experiencing are above your knowledge, please contact for assistance.

You can have all the information you may need about small engine repair from the firm’s website. The firm’s About Us page provides an overview of what to expect from their various lawn mowing equipment and what to do when it comes to small engine repairs. The company also provides valuable information about lawn mowing whenever you need it. If you want to learn more about, please visit their website and be guaranteed of quality and prioritized assistance.

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